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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Crawford and I just received the most amazing gift on Sunday....we received our temple recommends that we have been waiting and striving towards for about a year now! One talk that has sat with me for awhile now is the talk from Elder Clayton titled "Marriage: Watch & Learn." He talked about five principals that will strengthen any marriage....
1- Prosper: Make your marriage will prosper for eternity.
2- Faith: build your marriage on Jesus Christ & his teachings.
3- Repentance: helps maintain peace & harmony.
4-Respect: husband & wife treat each other as EQUAL partners.
5-Love: "Thou shalt love thy wife with all thy heart, & shall cleave to her & no one else."

I have a quote as my screensaver so I will remember it all the time....it is "Marriage is a gift from God, the quality of our marriage is our gift to him." That has really stuck with me since because its true!!! He gave us this Great gift and I feel Like it would be a disservice to him not to make sure out marriage is always of the best quality.

One more thought on his talk that I loved is when he talked about being humble.
Humility is selfless.
Humility is not selfish.
Humility listens for understanding.
Humility does not demand.
Humility does not speak with superiority.
Humility recognizes that NO ONE can change someone else.
Humility means that BOTH husband & wife seek to bless, help, & uplift each other.

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